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  • Durum Wheat Pasta – Capellini

    Capellini also known as angel hair is the thinnest of all long pasta shapes. A long-time children’s favorite, this shape finds itself mostly used as pastina (soup pasta).

    Served in soups (broken) or simply with butter and Parmigiano.

    Cooking Time: 4-6 minutes.

  • Durum Wheat Pasta – Capellini – 4.4 lb

    • Capellini also known as angel hair is the thinnest of all long pasta shapes. A long-time children’s favorite, this shape finds itself mostly used as pastina (soup pasta).

      Served in soups (broken) or simply with butter and Parmigiano.  Also available in 500 g bags.

      Cooking Time: 4-6 minutes.

  • Durum Wheat Pasta – Fettuccine

    From the word affettare, meaning “to slice,” these ribbons are wider than tagliatelle and are made without the use of eggs.

    As this pasta is egg-free, serve as you would spaghetti or linguine for added texture.

    Cooking Time: 11-13 minutes.

  • Durum Wheat Pasta – Fusilli Col Buco

    Originally made by wrapping a bucatino around a knitting needle by Neapolitan housewives, these twice-as-long curly fusilli are very popular due to their hollow bite.

    Delicious with a simple tomato sauce or any olive oil-based sauce.

    Cooking Time: 11-14 minutes.

  • Durum Wheat Pasta – Fusilloni Giganti – 2.2 lb

    Only Available in Bulk

    Fusilloni Giganti, or giant fusilli, is an oversized version of the popular fusilli (corkscrew) shape. Thrice the size of regular fusilli, this gigantic pasta piles beautifully on a plate and is an ideal shape to be served at a restaurant.

    Serve Fusilloni Giganti hot, warm, or cold. Bake as a mac ‘n’ cheese, toss with freshly chopped tomatoes and basil, or mix into a farmer’s market salad of roasted vegetables. This 2-inch oversize helix is also ideal for holding hearty sauces such as ragù. Let this giant shape spark your imagination!

    Cooking Time: 13-15 minutes.

  • Durum Wheat Pasta – Orzo

    Orzo means “barley” in Italian because of its grain-shape. This pasta, shaped like a melon seed, belongs to what Italians called Pastina: pasta that is used in soups. Unfortunately this shape is often made with very low-gluten quality semolina, so it becomes mushy and unpleasant. Unlike common orzos however, this orzo from Rustichella d’Abruzzo keeps its shape and texture and has a real, pleasurable bite and texture.

    Especially great for use in soups, but also wonderful as a contorno (“side dish”) with pesto or in salads.

    Cooking Time: 6-8 minutes.

  • Durum Wheat Pasta – Pappardelle Rigate

    A wide ribbon with ridges, this is the widest flat pasta made without the use of eggs.

    Enjoy with a hearty meat ragu or rich tomato sauce. Ideal with duck or game ragu.

    Cooking Time: 9-11 minutes.

  • Durum Wheat Pasta – Penne Rigate

    One of Italy’s most popular cuts, penne rigate has a wider tube than the original penne (“quills”), but rigate  (“with ridges”) on the outside.

    Serve with your favorite sauce. Ideal for sauces with ground meat, game or vegetables so that the sauce is trapped in the middle and on the points. A good choice for making pasta salad.

    Cooking Time: 10-12 minutes.

  • Durum Wheat Pasta – Penne Ructiche

    Primo grano meaning “first grain” in Italian, was the idea of pastamaker Gianluigi Peduzzi, who wanted to bring back the flavors of authentic pasta made with 100% Abruzzo-grown wheat like those that his grandfather, Gaetano Sergiacomo, made at his mill in the town of Penne at the turn of the last century.

    Through a research study sponsored by Rustichella d’Abruzzo, the Istituto dei Cereali di Foggia identified local heritage wheat varieties including San CaroloVarano, and Mongibello, which proved ideal for pasta making. Every year, Rustichella d’Abruzzo and a small group of farmers from the surrounding hills of Pianella do a special planting of these selected varieties. After the June harvest, the wheat is trucked immediately to a state-of-the-art mill in Puglia to be ground into semolina. The soft and fragrant semolina is used to make some of the traditional shapes made by Gaetano Sergiacomo, such as Sagne a Pezzi and Penne Rustiche.

    Wrapped in a bright green paper bag with white sprigs of wheat to celebrate these 100% Abruzzo grains, PrimoGrano is pasta made for the true pasta lover. Fragrant as freshly baked bread with a supple and soft texture, this pasta is best enjoyed with just extra virgin olive oil or a light sauce to let the unique flavors shine through.

    Cooking Time: 7-9 minutes.