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My wife, Teresa, and I started Table Ocho in 2013. Simply put, it’s our take on casual dining. Typically there are 8 seats per dinner, and there is only one seating per night. The theme and prices vary depending on seasonality of produce, what my farmers have on hand, and what we feel like cooking. This is not a ‘color-by-the-number’ dining experience. We pull from our past experiences and travels to create menus and a unique experience that allows you to relax with old friends or meet new friends at our production kitchen in Old Town Lenexa, KS. It’s also a great way to enjoy a corporate dinner without feeling rushed or worrying about who might be listening at the table next to you. At the end of the day – we truly believe that it’s not so much about the food (although, the food can’t suck), it’s about the experience and who’s sitting across the table from you. Read More

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