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Welcome to Table Ocho’s wine club!

As many of you know, we LOVE our wines and the people that make them. When we started Ocho over 7 years ago, we offered 95 bottle selections at our little 8 seat restaurant. Well, now the list is around 65 bottle selections, all hand selected by Teresa and me.

We’ve had the opportunity to share so many cool wines that are very limited, unknown, and often over-looked. Our customers at Ocho often ask where they can buy the wines we offer, and the answer is often, ‘Well, you can’t. This was a special order into Kansas for Ocho, or we bought the only 2 cases that made it into the Kansas market.’

If Covid has taught us anything beyond being safe and considerate to others, it’s that we all must diversify our businesses. Last year, we expanded our pantry items and offered our version of a CSA to help support our farmers and share local fare with our customers. With recent law changes in Topeka, we are now (FINALLY) able to sell wine, beer, spirits, and curbside cocktails to go.

As many of you know, our list is pretty underpriced for a restaurant. We do this intentionally to share wines from our friends and contacts with you! Most restaurants will not be able to offer a similar experience, because, quite honestly, their mark up formula for wine is way TOO HIGH! Our wine club bottle offerings will hover around retail pricing (and then tax – can’t get around this).

We look forward to introducing you to some wines off the beaten path and sharing some really cool juice from our friends across the globe. Relationships matter and life is too short to drink crappy wine!

Let’s pop some corks!

Craig & Teresa

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – $29.00 plus tax

2 bottles hand selected that won’t break the bank and will more than likely introduce you to grape varietals and regions that you may not be on your radar. It’s the obscure stuff we drink without the hipster – pretentious vibe.

Off the List – $70.00 average/mo plus tax

Often, we find hidden gems or forgotten bottles in the wine fridge or cubby holes and from our distributors. This offering will have 2 bottles of some totally underpriced and underappreciated wines. We often find a few bottles that are unknown to most or left off the list, so we end up drinking them. Now, these will be yours! As we work to determine proper pricing for this level, charges will average $70/month, this will allow a little flexibility in sourcing. You can expect that some months, the club charge may be $45, other months, it may be $100, but our goal is to average $70/month while offering some super cool bottles.

Hide these from youself! – $150.00 plus tax

2 bottles of really cool and special juice. Years ago, I started ‘hiding’ bottles like these from myself or intentionally putting them under several other bottles in our wine rack to minimize the chance of me ‘popping’ these late into the evening. These wines will drink fine now, but will also age incredibly. (oh, and it’s not a joke, I really hide bottles from myself and when I find them, I’m like – WHOOPEE!!!)

Pick up will be every 2nd Thursday from 4pm – 7pm, or by appointment. Your card will stay on file and be charged monthly. If you care to take a month or 2 off, just let me know by the 1st of the month and I’ll make sure I fulfill accordingly, and your card is not charged.

We also offer our Baker’s Half Dozen (6.5 bottles) of wine for $100 (plus tax) and our Baker’s Dozen (13 bottles) for $185 (plus tax).

We always have access to some cool wines that are on closeout – – so, we are offering a mixed /Baker’s Dozen’ for $185! (yep, that’s 13 bottles…of cool, unique, and obscure stuff that will also compliment the Table Ocho wine list. I also have a ‘Baker’s Half-Dozen’ for $100 (that’s 6.5 bottles of some really fun wines).

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